The Brenner Basis-Tunnel

The current construction of the longest train tunnel in the world is a unique attraction to companies, clubs, and also suitable for academic excursions. The construction site of the Brenner Basistunnel is easily accessible from the Hotel Handl. The guided tour in Steinach am Brenner offers guests the opportunity to learn about the many aspects influencing the process at the centre of all the action. 

We are happy to provide you with an attractive, customised offer for your group or club holiday, available for all groups.


As experienced group-holiday specialists, we are happy to help with the organisational aspects of your holiday and are available to assist in any way we can.


During the tour of the construction site the guide informs all visitors of the many important and varying fields of expertise playing a role in the tunnel construction such as the history, geology, hydrology, logistics, safety, environmental conservation measures, and finances.


The current tour takes visitors to the Padastertal valley along one of the access tunnels to see one of the largest disposal sites for the debris. The tour then continues to the actual work site to allow a first-hand account of the work being performed.

Our comfortable traditional parlour room is a lovely place to enjoy some time together as a group and indulge in some delicious dishes from our excellent restaurant.

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