Summer Fun in the Stubaital Valley

The Stubaital Valley and our idyllic village of Schönberg is close to the provincial capital of Innsbruck, surrounded by majestic glaciers and over 100 mountains at least 3,000 m above sea level.

A summer in the Stubai Valley means nature, variety, sports, fun, adventure and relaxation all at the same time. Discover the enticing mountains of the glacier valley as you hike, climb, cycle, walk and swim. And experience pure summer fun for the whole family.

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High Above Stubai while Climbing & Flying

Our high-alpine Stubai Valley offers dream-like conditions for exhilaration at high altitudes. Fearless visitors will experience a rush of adrenaline in our 10 climbing ropes course parks, or the 15 via ferrata trails, with a variety of routes for beginners and professionals alike.

Experience exhilaration as you soar through the clouds on a tandem hang-glider or paraglider flight above the Serles and Kalkkögel mountains.

Or try out one of the world's most spectacular bungee jumps from the Europa Bridge, 192 metres above the Wipptal Valley.

Hiking & Mountaineering in Schönberg

Hikers and mountaineers love to venture out and explore another dimension of alpine sports in the Stubaital valley.

A wide range of opportunities at various level of difficulty are available at the hiking area at the Serlesbahnen and the Elfer-lifts, at the hiking centre Schlick 2000, as well as high-alpine tours at the Stubai glacier

More than 850 kilometres of marked hiking trails lead through the majestic Stubai Alps and include breath-taking observation platforms such as the "TOP OF TYROL" viewing deck at the Stubai glacier, and "StubaiBlick" in the Schlick 2000 hiking area.

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Nature at its Best in the Stubaital

Crystal-clear mountain lakes, thunderous waterfalls, enchanted moors, blossoming meadows, and breath-taking lookout points – the Stubaital Valley is a natural wonder that offers both adventure and relaxation. Your surroundings will transport you to a peaceful place, where 25 magical sites offer a history all their own and help you relax and revitalize.

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Mountainbiking in the Stubai Alps

Bikers and mountain bikers delight at the spectacular opportunities in the idyllic Stubaital valley. With approximately 720 kilometres of bike paths and 23 marked trails, many exciting biking adventures await all bike enthusiasts. 

Explore this beautiful region, at a leisurely pace, or try an ambitious mountain ascent in the Stubai Alps including many 3,000-metre-high peaks.

In addition, many training and service offers are available at the Bike-Arena, Bike-Park and BikeAcademy!

Adrenaline Rush while Bungee-Jumping

Dare to jump off the imposing Europa bridge with a bungee. This jump is considered to be one of the most impressive bungee-jumps in the world. Dive head-first into the Wipptal valley from 192 metres. We offer a thrilling package deal for all our brave guests.

Water- & Swimming Fun in the Stubaital

Enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool water on a hot summer day. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, listen to the streams gush, and marvel at the spectacular waterfalls of the Stubaital valley.

The exciting StuBay in Fulpmes, the swimming pool in Mieders, and the idyllic Kampler lake all offer wonderful days spent in the water and the sunshine guaranteeing a delightful day.

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